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We are happy to announce the new Instructional Videos that are now available on our website. We’ll continue adding new videos as they become available from Also, keep an eye out for the new modification videos that we’ll be posting soon as well. It’s important to us here at NCF that every member has the opportunity to learn, benefit and be successful, no matter the skill level.

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Our first 101 class of 2016 starts tonight at 7pm. It’s not to late to join the class or to take advantage of the New Year Special. We’ll see you all tonight!

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Say hello to LUPE, our first Spotlight Athlete for 2016 and today’s #MotivationalMonday

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Hey everyone! One of our favorite things at NCF the past few years is our Christmas party. It gives us all a chance to hang out, have fun together, eat and NOT have to work out! Plus it’s a great time to meet each other’s families, get to know new members and everyone put faces to the names on the whiteboard. We always say that NCF is more than a gym, we are a family. That’s why this year we have come together to give gifts to foster kids who don’t have families by making donations to Boys and Girls Aid. If you haven’t read Sue’s posts already, take a break from what you’re doing and go read the stories about WHY we are giving and WHO we are giving to. Then take a look at the items these kids are asking for: it’s stuff you can pick up easily on your next trip to Fred Meyer, or even adding a gift card to your order when you go through Dutch Bros… It’s simple yet so significant. Then all you have to do is drop it off this week or at the Holiday Hoedown on Saturday night. Let’s fill that red wagon together. Thank you each of you for making NCF the special place it is. Can’t wait to see y’all at the Hoedown Saturday night!

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Boys & Girls Aid is the charity of choice for Newberg CrossFit this holiday season and we are honored to present another week of opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child. This marks week three of our four week campaign of making a difference for children in need. As you read more about this wonderful organization if you are moved to join the NCF family in making donations we welcome you to participate. All items donated must be new items. You can drop donations at Newberg CrossFit during any scheduled class, please see the website for hours If you would like the items picked up, please email Britnee, an NCF Athlete and Boys & Girls Aid employee, at Please read our third week story about Sam below. From the Newberg CrossFit Family to yours, thank you for caring about our community and we wish your family a love-filled holiday season. On any given night in Oregon there are 8,000 children living in foster care. Their average stay is 19 months, which can equate to more than 11 foster placements, which is really just a dressed up way of saying that this child left everything and everyone behind 11 times. The good news about foster care is that nearly 60% of children will return home after the chaos and issues have been addressed. But for the rest of the children, they will bounce around in the foster care system until they age out at 18, only to be literally and totally on their own. When this happens, these kids are 70% more likely to become homeless. Of the girls, 72% will experience their first pregnancy one year after leaving the system and sadly, the cycle will continue. At Boys & Girls Aid, these outcomes are unacceptable and we believe regardless of age or past trauma every child is adoptable and every child deserves to have a family. And Sam is no exception. She has lived in the foster care system for nearly 5 years. She is 16 and wants desperately to have a family before she turns 18, because after that, she knows she’ll never have a family. Sam has a lot of attachment issues, is behind in school, and can be very defiant. This, added to her age makes her less likely to be selected for adoption. At BGAid, we have specialized recruiters who work with kids like Sam. They work with Sam to prepare her for adoption as well as create specialized marketing plans to ensure Sam’s story gets to as many outlets as possible. Sam knows her chances of adoption are slim but to help herself, she wrote a letter to be added to her file so that if anyone did choose to look at her they would hear directly from her. Sam’s letter follows, it is long, but please read it through because it is real and these are the kids that get forgotten. Items we are collecting follow Sam’s letter. “My name is Sam and I am 16 years old. I’m not confident that anyone out there will want to adopt a 16 year old with baggage I can only pray that I am wrong. In the spirit of honesty, I am not a perfect child but I am honest — here is my story. I never knew my biological father, I’ve been in foster care more times than I can remember, I’ve been neglected, I’ve lost my mother to drugs, I’ve lost all my sisters to adoption and I have been abused. I’ve lost animals, friends, photographs and everything I held dear. I’ve never been snuggled or rocked, no one ever read to me and a parent has never sat with me to do homework. My heart hurts; I’m lonely and broken. However, despite my struggles, I stand strong! I’m looking for a family with a compassionate foundation. A family who will allow me to be angry. A family who says it’s OK for me to love the mother who has done me wrong. A family who will work with me when life is tough. When I need to be disciplined, don’t yell and please don’t be hateful that no longer works. Sit me down, talk to me kindly, just discipline me with love. I want a family who will watch me graduate, support my college dreams, a mom that I can talk to about boys, my social life and my past struggles. Though I have not had a father figure in my life, I imagine a perfect dad as a man with good morals, a man who will protect me and support me (emotionally). I want a dad who will beam with pride when the time comes to walk me down the aisle. I’ve never been loved like children should be loved. I need that love in order to learn to love and heal myself. Are you still reading? If you haven’t moved on to the next child what can I say to convince you? I AM strong, I have a big heart, I’ll clean my room, do the dishes and I’ll do my homework. I’m kind and yea I’m self-absorbed but isn’t that normal for a teenager? Look into my eyes and see a human being, please. With help I know I am salvageable. And one day in the future when I can look back and understand all you went through to help me, the sacrifices you made and I see how you helped me to save myself…… I WILL be grateful. So as you look at the hundreds of deserving children, I’m raising my hand, praying to God while jumping up and down, yelling, “PICK ME! Please PICK ME!” This week we will be collecting items for kids like Sam. Because they move so much their things get lost, taken, stolen, who knows – we want to be able to give them some hope and while things can’t replace the need for a family, it helps to feel more “normal”. T-shirts (for boys and girls) • Cute black teen purse or wallets for the boys • Gloves • Hooded sweatshirts • Knit hats • Pajamas • Scarves • Fun earrings, bracelets • Socks • Sports bras • Sweatpants • Swim goggles • One Piece Bathing Suits • Journals • Note cards and pens • Drawing paper

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Abby and I just wanted to say how thankful we are for each and every one of you. You guys make our lives rich and full and we are forever grateful for what you give us the opportunity to do. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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#MotivationalMonday There are 2 pains in this world. Pain that hurts you & pain that changes you. See you at the box.

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Looking for some more NCF gear? These awesome bracelets are currently at the box waiting for you. Did I mention they are free? Please only 1 per member.

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Recover as hard as you train! Happy Thursday. #IMstrong #CFIM #crossfit

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Changing lives everyday! #CFIM2 #IMstrong #IMnation

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If someone told you that you could improve your athletic performance by wearing headphones for 15-20 minutes during your warm-up, would you believe them? I was skeptical, but after more than a dozen competitive Invictus athletes used Halo Sport for 3-4 weeks, the results were undeniable. We didn’t change the training program or plan for PRs…but they kept happening. This is a game changer for athletes! Check it out -> and like them on Facebook at Halo Neuroscience.

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IMyoga at CFIM2!

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Camaraderie is agony paired with laughter. It's the reason why the box feels like home, tough workouts paired with high fives are a good combo. #DoTheHardThings

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We always knew there was something special about "CrossFit Moms" and this helps point it out!

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“When I first started, I was afraid to walk into the gym, thinking, ‘People are gonna look at me, people are gonna laugh at me …’" —Daniel Casey #crossfit #alisocrossfit

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Milton pushing some ladies around town

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Wednesday 2.10.16 30:00 EMOM Even: (Snatch + Heaving Snatch Balance + OHS) @ 75-85% Odd: 45sec Cal Row Record total cals ___________________________ Post WOD Core 10-15 Turkish Getups per side or Build up and set a max TGU (must complete on both sides to count)

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A total of 15min of work, with 5min of those being focused on getting vertical in some way. The other 10min are going to be about ‘cardio’ output. Be sure to use the rest time to slow their heart rate down and prepare for the next round. Score = Total reps of hip extensions + box over burpees.

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When you are asked to have fun with the class you cant say no. Athletes got onboard the RR dogsled

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Don't let anything stand in the way of your #goals. #alisocrossfit #crossfit

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Wednesday: 3 Rounds 500 meter Row 21 Burpees 12 Thrusters 95#/65#

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Wednesday 10 February

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Wednesday, Feb. 10t hWOD: 3 rounds for reps: 0:00-2:00 -- 400 m run, AMRAP of DUs 2:00-3:00 -- AMRAP DB push jerk 35/20 3:00-4:00 -- AMRAP pull ups 4:00-5:00 -- AMRAP DB hang squat cleans 35/20 Rest 3 min between rounds

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During, and directly after exercise, your body is breaking down fuels and tissues to create energy and force. This results in your body needing to repair itself, or recover.

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The 2016 CF Open is coming! We are pre-ordering shirts through WOD shop who are printing all the shirts and delivering to DogTown on February 24th. So be a part of the new hotness that is DogTown CrossFit 2.0 and join TEAM DOGTOWN with your official DT Open T shirt. Just order online through this link and select to pick up at DT. Yes the shirts are 30 dollars. The time is short they are guaranteed to be printed on American apparel.

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Don't listen to everything you hear! Most tend to eat a higher volume of white potatoes (ie. mashed potatoes, fries), which probably explains its bad reputation compared to sweet potatoes.

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Tuesday, February 9 -

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We got a spin party going on in here! Come check us out every Monday/Wednesday night at 6:30 and Tuesday morning at 7 #spin #variety #activerecovery #train #cycle #mondaymotivation #noexcuses #legworkout #workout #cardio #fun #workoutbuddies #pushyourlimits #sfh #killcliff #getyourheartrateup

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The only way to really know what you're eating is to make it yourself. Madre Granola- yum!!

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Registration is Open Space is limited * Your own personal CFCP Coach for 8 weeks * Kickoff and Ending with a Benchmark Workout * Goal Setting Meeting * Customized Nutrition Plan * Weekly Bonus workouts to accomplish outside of class * Requires 2x per week CFCP class workouts * CFCP online Wod Journal and Food Log * Before and After Photos * Before and After Measurements * Weekly grading of food logs * Nutrition Seminar with your Coach * Skills Training with your Team * Teammates to help keep you accountable * I Do The Impossible Challenge T-Shirt

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2/8 Skill: 5 rounds ME strict wide grip pull-ups ME strict hspu rest :90 15 min cap Lifting: 3x10 bsq @ 75% 10 min cap WOD: 5 rounds for reps of: 1 minute of DL 185/125 1 minute of push-ups 1 minute of strict knees-to-elbows

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WOD for Monday 2/8: Skill/Strength: 6 min EMOM 3 position snatch * 5 min rest WOD- 18 min AMRAP of 6 Hang Squat Cleans (95/65) (+115/85) 12 Box Jump Overs (24/20) (30/24)

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As we evolve our practice here at the gym breath technique becomes increasingly important. Check the vid, wake up early and come play with the Wim Hof breath technique Tuesday 530 am. Monday's Workout Competition FT 1250m Run 20 Push presses (115/75) 30 KB Russian twists (24/16) 40 Burpees 30 KB Russian twists 20 Push presses 1250m Run And Coming Tuesday… [ 43 more words. ]

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Stay active on your days off!

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CrossFit Counter Culture - Group Class Warm-up Run or Row 400m 15 Ring Row 10 T Push Up 15 GHD Hip Extension 5 min mobility Metcon Linda (Time) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1: Deadlift ,1.5 Body Weight Bench Press, Body Weight Clean, 3/4 Body Weight Accessory work 3 Rounds 15 GHD Sit Up 1 min weighted plank

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