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15 days until it’s Battle Time! Who’s ready? How about some sweet Battle apparel to get this countdown started! #BattleInTheBerg Big thank you to Max Muscle Sports Nutrition – Clackamas and STP Fitness Products for sponsoring our event.

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Tick-tock-tick-tock 10 days until The Battle In The Berg registration deadline. Only a few spots are left. Visit our events page and sign up today!

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We are happy to announce the new Instructional Videos that are now available on our website. We’ll continue adding new videos as they become available from Also, keep an eye out for the new modification videos that we’ll be posting soon as well. It’s important to us here at NCF that every member has the opportunity to learn, benefit and be successful, no matter the skill level.

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Our first 101 class of 2016 starts tonight at 7pm. It’s not to late to join the class or to take advantage of the New Year Special. We’ll see you all tonight!

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Say hello to LUPE, our first Spotlight Athlete for 2016 and today’s #MotivationalMonday

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Hey everyone! One of our favorite things at NCF the past few years is our Christmas party. It gives us all a chance to hang out, have fun together, eat and NOT have to work out! Plus it’s a great time to meet each other’s families, get to know new members and everyone put faces to the names on the whiteboard. We always say that NCF is more than a gym, we are a family. That’s why this year we have come together to give gifts to foster kids who don’t have families by making donations to Boys and Girls Aid. If you haven’t read Sue’s posts already, take a break from what you’re doing and go read the stories about WHY we are giving and WHO we are giving to. Then take a look at the items these kids are asking for: it’s stuff you can pick up easily on your next trip to Fred Meyer, or even adding a gift card to your order when you go through Dutch Bros… It’s simple yet so significant. Then all you have to do is drop it off this week or at the Holiday Hoedown on Saturday night. Let’s fill that red wagon together. Thank you each of you for making NCF the special place it is. Can’t wait to see y’all at the Hoedown Saturday night!

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Boys & Girls Aid is the charity of choice for Newberg CrossFit this holiday season and we are honored to present another week of opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child. This marks week three of our four week campaign of making a difference for children in need. As you read more about this wonderful organization if you are moved to join the NCF family in making donations we welcome you to participate. All items donated must be new items. You can drop donations at Newberg CrossFit during any scheduled class, please see the website for hours If you would like the items picked up, please email Britnee, an NCF Athlete and Boys & Girls Aid employee, at Please read our third week story about Sam below. From the Newberg CrossFit Family to yours, thank you for caring about our community and we wish your family a love-filled holiday season. On any given night in Oregon there are 8,000 children living in foster care. Their average stay is 19 months, which can equate to more than 11 foster placements, which is really just a dressed up way of saying that this child left everything and everyone behind 11 times. The good news about foster care is that nearly 60% of children will return home after the chaos and issues have been addressed. But for the rest of the children, they will bounce around in the foster care system until they age out at 18, only to be literally and totally on their own. When this happens, these kids are 70% more likely to become homeless. Of the girls, 72% will experience their first pregnancy one year after leaving the system and sadly, the cycle will continue. At Boys & Girls Aid, these outcomes are unacceptable and we believe regardless of age or past trauma every child is adoptable and every child deserves to have a family. And Sam is no exception. She has lived in the foster care system for nearly 5 years. She is 16 and wants desperately to have a family before she turns 18, because after that, she knows she’ll never have a family. Sam has a lot of attachment issues, is behind in school, and can be very defiant. This, added to her age makes her less likely to be selected for adoption. At BGAid, we have specialized recruiters who work with kids like Sam. They work with Sam to prepare her for adoption as well as create specialized marketing plans to ensure Sam’s story gets to as many outlets as possible. Sam knows her chances of adoption are slim but to help herself, she wrote a letter to be added to her file so that if anyone did choose to look at her they would hear directly from her. Sam’s letter follows, it is long, but please read it through because it is real and these are the kids that get forgotten. Items we are collecting follow Sam’s letter. “My name is Sam and I am 16 years old. I’m not confident that anyone out there will want to adopt a 16 year old with baggage I can only pray that I am wrong. In the spirit of honesty, I am not a perfect child but I am honest — here is my story. I never knew my biological father, I’ve been in foster care more times than I can remember, I’ve been neglected, I’ve lost my mother to drugs, I’ve lost all my sisters to adoption and I have been abused. I’ve lost animals, friends, photographs and everything I held dear. I’ve never been snuggled or rocked, no one ever read to me and a parent has never sat with me to do homework. My heart hurts; I’m lonely and broken. However, despite my struggles, I stand strong! I’m looking for a family with a compassionate foundation. A family who will allow me to be angry. A family who says it’s OK for me to love the mother who has done me wrong. A family who will work with me when life is tough. When I need to be disciplined, don’t yell and please don’t be hateful that no longer works. Sit me down, talk to me kindly, just discipline me with love. I want a family who will watch me graduate, support my college dreams, a mom that I can talk to about boys, my social life and my past struggles. Though I have not had a father figure in my life, I imagine a perfect dad as a man with good morals, a man who will protect me and support me (emotionally). I want a dad who will beam with pride when the time comes to walk me down the aisle. I’ve never been loved like children should be loved. I need that love in order to learn to love and heal myself. Are you still reading? If you haven’t moved on to the next child what can I say to convince you? I AM strong, I have a big heart, I’ll clean my room, do the dishes and I’ll do my homework. I’m kind and yea I’m self-absorbed but isn’t that normal for a teenager? Look into my eyes and see a human being, please. With help I know I am salvageable. And one day in the future when I can look back and understand all you went through to help me, the sacrifices you made and I see how you helped me to save myself…… I WILL be grateful. So as you look at the hundreds of deserving children, I’m raising my hand, praying to God while jumping up and down, yelling, “PICK ME! Please PICK ME!” This week we will be collecting items for kids like Sam. Because they move so much their things get lost, taken, stolen, who knows – we want to be able to give them some hope and while things can’t replace the need for a family, it helps to feel more “normal”. T-shirts (for boys and girls) • Cute black teen purse or wallets for the boys • Gloves • Hooded sweatshirts • Knit hats • Pajamas • Scarves • Fun earrings, bracelets • Socks • Sports bras • Sweatpants • Swim goggles • One Piece Bathing Suits • Journals • Note cards and pens • Drawing paper

Ask the Doc: The Shoulder Rules

Ask the Doc: The Shoulder Rules

PT Kyle Sela offers simple rules to help you care for your shoulder joint and optimize movement. Say yes to improved performance and no to unnecessary pain.

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Abby and I just wanted to say how thankful we are for each and every one of you. You guys make our lives rich and full and we are forever grateful for what you give us the opportunity to do. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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#MotivationalMonday There are 2 pains in this world. Pain that hurts you & pain that changes you. See you at the box.

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Looking for some more NCF gear? These awesome bracelets are currently at the box waiting for you. Did I mention they are free? Please only 1 per member.

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Orders for this years NCF Sweatshirts are due this coming Tuesday. Come in to the box to place an order. Can’t get in? Just contact Doug, Abby, Kim, or April to make arrangements. Don’t miss out!

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If anyone has pictures or videos of the comp can you please tag us here? Thanks in advance!

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CrossFit Danville posted an article
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New WOD: For time: 5 Rope climbs 25 DB snatch, alternating 40#(25#) 25 Ab-mat sit-ups 4 Rope climbs 20 DB snatch, alternating 40#(25#) 20 Ab-mat sit-ups 3 Rope climbs 15 DB snatch, alternating 40#(25#) 15 Ab-mat sit-ups 2 Rope climbs 10 DB snatch, alternating 40#(25#) 10 Ab-mat sit-ups Post time to...... Click for more:

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Missing a few more in the pic, but what an amazing experience today! All of you represent Big Horn so well...with pride, guts, and determination. Till the next one, Spartan Warriors!

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Hey CrossFit Roots! The coaches are doing their part, now we need your help! Our very own Roots athletes Lance and Yasmeen have been nominated for a top 10 Craft Tequilas at Want to help them get the win? Please go to the link below and vote for them every day until Sept 12th. You’re allowed 1 vote per day! Here, the coaches are enjoying the Mountain Standard Suerte Margarita in Vail. How do you Suerte? @suertetequila @yasfleur75 #votesuerte #CrossFit #Boulder #tequila #suerte #suertetequila #followtherabbit #mountainstandard #vailcolorado #vail

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And so we have another Battle On Sunset comp in the books! I want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting our event and to thank you all for the positive comments we received throughout the day! I also want to thank all of our volunteers. Today would never have gone as smooth as it did without your assistance. Shan and I are so blessed to have you all in our lives. As I always or out of the gym...we will always be ohana! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and again...mahalo from the bottom of my heart to all of you! Al

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Bon and Steve representing at the Battle on Sunset 3

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Good Luck to Team Crusty Snatches! Randy, Val, Doreen, and Scott are competing in the Fossil Games @bladiumcrossfit today! We know they're going to do great! Have fun!!!!

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Congratulations to Tami for not only graduating CrossFit Light but for making the decision to change her life and committing to doing so! She's made amazing gains and we know this is only the beginning. Keep it up girl! We are proud of you!

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Happy Saturday! We have a FREE class today and every Saturday at 10am. We even provide coffee ☕️ from @themoleculeeffect to give you an added pep in your step! See you soon! #coffee #Crossfit #perfectcombo #crossfitdeco

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In-house competition!

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S A T U R D A Y SCHEDULE • EVERY SATURDAY we offer a FREE class at 9 am! We encourage you all to invite your friends and family to come on by and try out our class! • Our classes run every hour on the hour: • 9:00 am- FREE and reg class 10:00 am- Regular class 11:00 am- OPEN gym • S U N D A Y SCHEDULE: • Open gym from 9 am - 11 am! • Come on in and get your workout in on a lovely Sunday morning, anything you want drop ins are always welcome (drop in fee is $20) #SweatSaturdays #FREEclass #BringYourFamAndFriends #TeamIAmCrossfit #GettingBetter #IACF #LetsGo #JoinTheIamFam #OpenGym #SundayFunday

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Not quite a perfect box jump... But she looks good doing it. #NationalDogDay #TopDog #Zoe X @jaylorenzo814 #mydadsthecoach #WODdog

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#HAPPYNATIONALDOGDAY to the guy that brightens up everyone's day as soon as they walk into the gym!❤️ we love you Murph! (Unless they see him for the first time then some get scared lmao) #pitbull #sweetheart #crossfitdog #startedfromthegroundsthough

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⠀⠀ PROGENEX RECOVERY: RESET YOUR “GO” SIGNAL ⠀⠀ The ultimate in post-workout recovery, delivering just what your muscles need after an intense and grueling workout to help them rebuild and recover quickly. Reset your “go” signal. Recover faster, stronger with PROGENEX Recovery. | Recommended Use: Post Workout

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August 27, 2016 20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 Box Jump Overs #24/20 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Sumo DL High Pulls #115/80

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The box wouldn't be the same without our 4 legged members! Share a pic of your pup at CFW and tag @CrossFitWynwood in honor of #NationalDogDay! We want to repost all our beloved furry friends!! #DogDay #CrossFitWynwood #CrossFit #woof #miami #doglovers

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Drop by tomorrow at 11AM for our FREE community class! Tag a few friends to come try out a session at Soul. All skill and fitness levels are welcome. This Saturday class is always free!

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"And everyone will see Slimming Clubs for what they are... An addiction to starving and binging... An addiction to seeing a number week on week... An addiction that is breeding puffy, saggy, limp muscled bodies that may weigh less... for a while... but are probably less healthy than heavier, more muscular, more active bigger people." Come join CrossFit HD and we'll help you get in shape the right way for long lasting results and not just short term satisfaction. #CrossFit #CrossFitHD #BuildMuscleToBurnFat

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Today's Workout: Deadlift Technique . CONDITIONING 10:00 to find Heavy Single Deadlift + Rest 5:00 + 5 Rounds for Time 4 Deadlifts (65-70% of Heavy Single) 16 Over the Bar Burpees . #cfsoul #teamSOUL #crossfit

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Friday August 26th A. Find 1RM Strict Press - 8min B. Find 1RM Push Press - 8min B. For Time 6 Rounds 5 TnG Power Clean and Jerks @60-75% 6 Burpees 7 Chest to Bar Chin Ups (supinated grip) 200m Farmers carry 53/35 -Rest 60sec between rounds

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Friday August 26, 2016 A. Snatch pulls, 4 x 3 at tough weights but perfect reps B. Hang squat snatch + squat snatch, build to a tough set + For time: 15 power snatches, 95/65 15 box jumps 10 power snatches, 95/65 15 box jumps 5 power snatches, 95/65 15 box jumps

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No Excuses CrossFit's in-house competition, Hugo Open, draws largest group of athletes.

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Come give us a try, today! #crossfitsouthcobb #CFSCathletes

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This is why we do what we do. Carolina CrossFit is a family. #Repost @joanes_g with @repostapp ・・・ I want to give a shoutout to @ivan_sclivin for giving me the inspiration to be a more fit person, and @carolinacrossfit for encouraging me to follow through week after week. Now at week three I've lost 15 lbs, my squats are now at 275, my back pain is gone, my injured shoulder is stronger than its been in a decade, and I'm almost to my first goal of a full pull up. Thanks Ivan and the team at CCF.

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Hours for Open Gym tomorrow , Friday August 25 will be from 9am-1pm. Thanks!

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Skills session will take place again this Sunday from 1-2pm. We will start off with mobility work then work on those DOUBLE UNDERS.

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Happy birthday Coach Tim!

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Hero WOD Thursday - Rankel. Stay strong!

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North End CrossFit posted an article
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"Nasty Girls" 3RFT 50 Squats 7 MU 10 Hang Power Clean (135/95) *Compare to 17July13

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S3 Conditioning Thursday: For Time: 20 Power Cleans (135/95)(95/65)(75/55) 40 Wall Balls (20/14)(14/10) 60 Walking Lunges 80/65 Calorie Row 60 Walking Lunges 40 DB Snatches (20 Per Arm)(40/25)(35/20) 20 Deadlifts (135/95)(95/65)(75/55)

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Members - we've extended our t-shirt deadline through the weekend. Be sure to your order your CFRH t-shirts! Use the link below with the code "CFRH" to access our web store. Don't miss out!

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Thursday, 08/25/2016 10 down to 1 rep/rounds for time: -HSPU -C2B -Power Cleans (135#/95#) Core: alternating tabatas - V-ups & Superman holds

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We are certain that many of our members feel the exact same way! Come join us and see for yourself what a life changing experience CrossFit is!

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12pm class hitting ALL the air Squats! #wod #crossfit #crossfitrosslyn #teamcfr

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Download, Repost, Tag... All full resolution/non-watermarked images are available for purchase from Charlotte Foerschler Photography #FitKidClassic #CrossFitChesapeake ©2016 Charlotte Foerschler Photography @CharlotteFoeschlerPhoto CrossFit CrossFit Kids

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New #crossfit757 shirts and apparel are available to order! Visit the link in our profile to order before September 1st. Orders can be shipped to the gym for free or directly to you for an additional cost. Get them while you can!

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BCF, I am VERY excited to announce that Mary Scott Bogacz is joining the BCF team as the box Manager and Coach! She brings an excellent skills set for both roles as well as incredible enthusiasm for helping people improve their fitness! She will be starting on Sept 8th, please extend a warm welcome when you see her at the box!! Bio is below. ============================= I grew up in the Shenandoah Valley where I spent most of my time outdoors, typically barefoot. I naturally don’t like to sit still so I’ve always been active in a sport or hobby. Growing up we went hiking, 4-wheeling or hunting and I joined various sports such as dance, gymnastics, soccer, and swim team. However, what I loved most was horseback riding. Starting at the age of nine I was up early mucking out the stable (and smelling like it), training horses, and driving to competitions. By the age of 13 I was riding on the A-Level Jumper circuit. When I left home for college at CNU (aka the greatest college in the world!) I lost a bit of my country lifestyle but my love of competition and sport drove me to MMA. From 2008-2010 my off time was spent on the mat, in the cage, or lifting heavy things. Through MMA I found CrossFit, and it was love at first deadlift. It was the first time I picked up a barbell and it was the first time I was having fun while working out. Workouts became an event to share with friends versus another lonely session at the gym. Nothing has ever left me so sore and coming back for more with almost instant fitness results. Through it all, my MMA coach was there to encourage and challenge me, he believed in me before I believed in myself. After college I worked in the business industry until getting married in 2014. I then moved to DC with my husband who told me I could do any job I wanted. Inspired by the impact my MMA Coach had on my life and missing the fitness I had accomplished through CrossFit it was an obvious choice to become a coach myself. After getting my L1 certification I started coaching at Balance Gym then later at Hierarchy. It's my passion to introduce beginner athletes to CrossFit and help them obtain their fitness goals. People are capable of much more than they believe and CrossFit has a way of helping them realize that. CrossFit brings together a community of people that celebrate every caliber of accomplishment and supports eachother to push harder. Every athlete eventually finds their inner grit and contiually sets new Personal Records. I’m looking forward to helping you find yours :). CrossFit Level 1 Trainer CrossFit Level 2 Trainer USAW Sports Performance Coach Coaches Academy with Olympian Cara Heads Slaughter

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Download, Repost, Tag... All full resolution/non-watermarked images are available for purchase from Charlotte Foerschler Photography #FitKidClassic #CrossFitChesapeake ©2016 Charlotte Foerschler Photography @CharlotteFoeschlerPhoto CrossFit CrossFit Kids